Trust the cigars from Cigar Conexion, as we are the official importers in India for Multi-branded Premium Handmade Cigars. Visit our exclusive cigar shop and lounge in Bangalore and Delhi or buy cigars online. Our cigars are stored in well maintained humidors with automated accurate hygrometers.

We offer experiential tasting events and let the connoisseurs appreciate the art of cigar pairing. We curate such events to engage the cigar community into celebrating life. The pandemic restrictions has paused our events temporarily and we shall resume soon following all safety protocols as per Government instructions. We also curate virtual pairing session and would love you to be a part of it.

Cigar Community   Jun 19, 2020

Everything You Didn't Know About Cigar Making Process

The word cigar is etymologically derived from the word 'Sikar', meaning to smoke rolled tobacco leaves. It is a tobacco leaf wrapped around a bundle of fermented leaves intended for consumption. The essential ingredient behind the manufacturing of cigars is the leaf of a tobacco plant called Nicotiana Tabacum. Such plants are carefully pruned for the leaves to grow to their necessary size. ..

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Cigar Community   Jun 17, 2020

Debonaire Cigars - Taste the very best of premium cigars

For cigar connoisseurs, Debonaire is considered as one of the finest selections of handmade cigars available in the market today. Debonaire has a very decorated history. It was founded by Philip S. Zanghi (founder of Indian Tabac Cigar Co.) and Daniel Sinclair (founder of Dufort Holdings) in 2012. Debonaire Ultra-Premium Cigars is the result of 20 years of research and development to create the..

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Cigar Community   Jun 15, 2020

The Finest Cigar Lighters That Are Really Cool & Work Perfect

Are you looking for cigar lighters that are cool and also come with the best of attributes? Well, you have certainly landed yourself on the right page. We will help you understand what a quality cigar lighter actually is! It will help you make your decision wisely and exclusively help you avail of complete value for money. When it comes to the quality cigar lighter, the most important thing ..

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Cigar Community   Jun 13, 2020

Coolest and Finest varieties of Cigar Ashtrays to buy online

Are you looking to get yourself the coolest of Cigar ashtray? Well, there are a number of things that make your ashtray look unique and cool. But, it is important that you get it from the right place which can help you avail complete value for money. There are a number of companies available to help you with your needs for cigar ashtrays. Don’t just get attracted to the first company you see..

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Cigar Community   May 21, 2020

How to self-isolate for cigar smokers?

When Clint Eastwood sported a cigar in his iconic movie The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, he set the cigar standard from what is anonymous to enigma and power. Today, you can find a variety of enthusiasts, scouring for options in cigar shops that will resonate with their panache. With the current lockdown, socializing has come to a halt, and so is smoking with friends in a cigar lounge. However..

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Cigar Community   May 19, 2020

What Are The Best Cigars That Worth Time?

Cigar Conexion The Pacifying Puff Striving to have the perfect paradisiacal puff, the wondrous whiff and that special feeling of something substantial to hold on to? With the stores’ shut down, it is definite to miss cherishing the cigar at times. Cigar - the term that spells luxury with its rich aroma of being, the grandeur of taste and the comfort in holding. Cigar smoking is a choiced hobby..

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Cigar Community   May 17, 2020

Why Cigar Conexion Are Leaders In Cigars And Cigar Accessories?

Here’s Why Cigar Conexion Are Leaders In Cigars And Cigar Accessories Smoking cigars is all about being charming, elegant, and classy. A look at someone who smokes premium quality cigars and you can't help but get enticed by their sophistication. No doubt it is a high-end luxury and that is why perhaps it is a status symbol that is deemed aesthetic. The issue comes when due to the ..

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Cigar Community   May 15, 2020

What kind of cigar accessories are provided by Cigar Conexion?

Whether you’re a seasoned cigar smoker or are just starting, you can never have enough accessories. The right accessories not only reflect sophistication but are also a statement of luxury. Ask any regular cigar smoker, and they will vouch that cigar-smoking with the right accessories can make a humongous difference in the quality of your smoke. Follow the below guide to know more about the ..

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Cigar Community   May 11, 2020

How a Cigar is Made - Rocky Patel Premium Cigars

From Seed to Smoke - Rocky Patel Premium CigarsGreat cigars are more than just fire and tobacco. Only a true artist, who loves his craft as much as he respects it, can achieve the distinction and flavor of a premium cigar. Utilizing the finest tobaccos in the world, and an unyielding drive for excellence, Rocky Patel has redefined the industry. Chapter 1 - The NurseryUpon arrival, our two ..

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Cigar Community   Apr 27, 2020

Why aren't cigars as addictive as cigarettes?

Cigars have a widespread online presence, as opposed to cigarettes. Premium quality cigars are witnessing an increasing demand in India. Cities such as Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai have seen a rise in demand for cigars over the past few years. Owing to this rise in demand there are new cigar shops opening up in these cities but very few with a strong supply chain management. One well-known company..

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Cigar Community   Apr 23, 2020

Cigar smoking mistakes every beginner makes

Stepping into the world of cigars can be quite a thrill. But it can also get overwhelming as you step into a kingdom where you feel like you are expected to know the drill (especially when you start hanging out at cigar lounges). But it is completely fine not to know the basics and make some mistakes. Nevertheless, you don't have to struggle for long as we walk you through some rookie errors that..

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Cigar Community   Apr 21, 2020

How to buy cigars online?

Getting a cigar is not rocket science. Owning it up is an art! When science and art blends together, the taste becomes perfection. And one such experience is the smoking of a cigar where creating it is science and smoking it is an art! Just like wine, making a fine cigar is a whole nine-yard process and it takes the effort of a community to come together and create a masterpiece of a cigar. ..

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