Trust the cigars from Cigar Conexion, as we are the official importers in India for Multi-branded Premium Handmade Cigars. Visit our exclusive cigar shop and lounge in Bangalore and Delhi or buy cigars online. Our cigars are stored in well maintained humidors with automated accurate hygrometers.

We offer experiential tasting events and let the connoisseurs appreciate the art of cigar pairing. We curate such events to engage the cigar community into celebrating life. The pandemic restrictions has paused our events temporarily and we shall resume soon following all safety protocols as per Government instructions. We also curate virtual pairing session and would love you to be a part of it.

Cigar Community   Oct 18, 2020

10 Things Every Cigar Smoker Should Know

From seed to shelf, from filler to binder to wrapper, these are the 10 things every cigar aficionado needs to know when cutting, lighting and smoking his favorite cigar.The comforting world of premium cigars can sometimes seem bogged down by endless choices, confusing messages and opinions posing as fact. It can be a complicated, confusing hobby, even for a longtime smoker. To help navigate the ..

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Cigar Community   Sep 07, 2020

Top 5 Cigars To Carry While Planning A Trip With Friends

Hit the road for pastures new with premium cigars on you!Traveling with friends is an occasion that calls for a complete celebration. Those are the times when we relax and splurge ourselves in the spirit of vacation. With your favorite handmade cigars to go along with the company of close friends, it is the time to indulge and be at your best.Usually, when friends get together and travel, they ..

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Cigar Community   Aug 29, 2020

Top 5 Cigars To Store During Lockdown Times

Does your cigar collection continue to become leaner in the wake of a lockdown across the nation? The more the time you spend in the comfort of your home, the more time you get to explore and enjoy your favorite cigars regularly sounds exciting during these times. There is nothing to fret about if your stock seems to die down as Cigar Conexion’s online store delivers cigars to your doorstep. You..

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Cigar Community   Aug 23, 2020

Vedado Cigars To Knock Your Senses Off The Ballpark in joy

A good cigar is almost like a session of excellent therapy. Vedado Cigars take Nicaraguan range of handmade cigars to greater heights. You can distract stirring minds, ease up your senses and transport yourself virtually to another place with an excellent Nicaraguan stick. Vedado Classic Cigars can be an everyday affair to relax and untangle from a winding day. These medium-bodied cigars with a ..

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Cigar Community   Jul 22, 2020

Some Great Last Minute Cigar Gifts For This Holiday Season

A culture that almost everyone around the globe follows is the tradition of ‘Gift Giving’. From gift cards to extravagant expressions of gratitude, it has always been a symbol of joy, prosperity and of course, the holiday season! There’s no doubt that each one of us has stumbled upon a point where we’ve been confused about what the perfect gift would be - wait no more because we’ve got ..

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Cigar Community   Jul 17, 2020

Rediscovering The World-Famous Oliva Cigars

As per’s The Essential Oliva Cigars Tasting Guide, “It took three generations and two government revolutions to make Oliva Cigars.” Tracing its roots back to the 1880s, Oliva Cigars is one of the top cigar brands of today. It epitomizes luxury and quality beyond conventional cigar-smoking. So, what gives Oliva Cigars their unparalleled stature? A lot has to do with ..

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Cigar Community   Jul 07, 2020

Interesting and Unknown facts of Cigar Lounges

Cigar Lounges are a perfect place for Cigar lovers who would like to have a perfect setting in place to enjoy their time cherishing their favorite stogies. When it comes to Cigar stores or lounges, it is mostly focused on how it can make the experiences a lot more comforting and just the way the respective individual is looking forward to having. While doing the same, things become a lot ..

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Cigar Community   Jun 23, 2020

How Does Boveda Work To Control The Humidity Level In Cigars?

The principle behind maintaining and preserving a good tasting cigar is simple: maintaining humidity and temperature. Now that you have entered the much-coveted world of cigars, we are sure you have bought or are planning to buy a humidor. And no, you don't just throw in your cigars in the humidor and forget about them. Because if you do, they will dry out even before you can spell the word '..

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Cigar Community   Jun 19, 2020

Everything You Didn't Know About Cigar Making Process

The word cigar is etymologically derived from the word 'Sikar', meaning to smoke rolled tobacco leaves. It is a tobacco leaf wrapped around a bundle of fermented leaves intended for consumption. The essential ingredient behind the manufacturing of cigars is the leaf of a tobacco plant called Nicotiana Tabacum. Such plants are carefully pruned for the leaves to grow to their necessary size. ..

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Cigar Community   Jun 17, 2020

Debonaire Cigars - Taste the very best of premium cigars

For cigar connoisseurs, Debonaire is considered as one of the finest selections of handmade cigars available in the market today. Debonaire has a very decorated history. It was founded by Philip S. Zanghi (founder of Indian Tabac Cigar Co.) and Daniel Sinclair (founder of Dufort Holdings) in 2012. Debonaire Ultra-Premium Cigars is the result of 20 years of research and development to create the..

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Cigar Community   Jun 15, 2020

The Finest Cigar Lighters That Are Really Cool & Work Perfect

Are you looking for cigar lighters that are cool and also come with the best of attributes? Well, you have certainly landed yourself on the right page. We will help you understand what a quality cigar lighter actually is! It will help you make your decision wisely and exclusively help you avail of complete value for money. When it comes to the quality cigar lighter, the most important thing ..

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