Trust the cigars from Cigar Conexion, as we are the official importers in India for Multi-branded Premium Handmade Cigars. Visit our exclusive cigar shop and lounge in Bangalore and Delhi or buy cigars online. Our cigars are stored in well maintained humidors with automated accurate hygrometers.

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Why Cigar Conexion Are Leaders In Cigars And Cigar Accessories?

Here’s Why Cigar Conexion Are Leaders In Cigars And Cigar Accessories

Smoking cigars is all about being charming, elegant, and classy. A look at someone who smokes premium quality cigars and you can't help but get enticed by their sophistication. No doubt it is a high-end luxury and that is why perhaps it is a status symbol that is deemed aesthetic. The issue comes when due to the unavailability of high-end cigars one has to compromise, but not anymore. Cigar Conexion the official importers of multi-branded premium quality cigars that are handmade have opened their stores in India!

What makes Cigar Conexion stand a mile apart is its focus on quality. Well maintained humidors keep the cigars preserved at the optimum moisture for the inside of the box, letting the cigars stay at the correct humidity. Also, automated hygrometers further keep accurate humidity inside the boxes, letting cigars maintain that crisp rich flavor. What further deepens our trust in Cigar Conexion is the fact that they import the best quality premium cigars from countries like the USA, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Honduras which are the cigar capitals of the world.

For all cigar lovers what's an additional challenge is finding the right accessory to match their taste. Cigar Conexion again proves themselves leaders in bringing for their customers a wide range of cigar accessories ranging from ashtrays, cutters, humidors, lighters, pouches, to even Bovedas. If finding the right cigar in India is a herculean task, finding the right accessory is times two. But all that is now available right at your doorstep as with Cigar Conexion one can even buy cigars in online virtual stores too!

Aiming at being pioneers of the industry they also curate cigar and malt evenings for selected luxury properties and have dedicated cigar lounges in New Delhi and Bangalore. A relaxed evening at their lounge, partaking in a personally curated cigar tasting session with friends and colleagues around, what more can a connoisseur ask for! The wise men have truly said, a lot can happen over a cigar.
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