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Why aren't cigars as addictive as cigarettes?

Cigars have a widespread online presence, as opposed to cigarettes. Premium quality cigars are witnessing an increasing demand in India. Cities such as Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai have seen a rise in demand for cigars over the past few years. Owing to this rise in demand there are new cigar shops opening up in these cities but very few with a strong supply chain management.

One well-known company Cigar Conexion, has bridged this demand-supply gap and has opened up a cigar shop in Bangalore and Delhi as well. The cigar options available at the company’s cigar shop in Delhi are the same as that of their Bangalore location. The product portfolio of Cigar Conexion boasts of a selection of top and premium handcrafted cigars from Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua.

Activities associated with cigars are quite different from those associated with cigarettes. Cigarettes are portable and lesser priced as compared to cigars. One can light up a cigarette almost anywhere, if and when he/she has a few spare minutes. The immediacy associated with cigarette smoking is compelling to most, owing to a strong habit forming characteristic of cigarettes.

Since cigarettes are so inexpensive, no two thoughts are given while putting out a cigarette. People usually form a habit of cigarette smoking and develop a routine around it. For example, smoking a cigarette on daily commute, while having tea, early morning or after a meal. These physical and psychological habits associated with cigarettes, leads a regular smoker to finish off half a pack or at time a full pack of cigarettes in one day.

Cigar smoking on the other hand requires a sort of commitment and more planning regarding time. A cigar is usually lit up by people when they are in their comfort zone and can relax for a long while with a drink or a book. The feeling of buzz is never talked about by cigar aficionados, but has frequent mentions on the part of cigarette smokers.

Cigars are much more expensive than cigarettes as they are handmade and hence have a sense of importance attached to it. There is no immediacy associated with cigars, since cigar smoking takes time and is a leisure activity as opposed to addictive cigarette smoking. For a regular cigar smoker, it is easy to skip a few days when one is with family or relatives. Smoking a cigar for most aficionados is like a great dessert. Cigar is considered to add flavor to a person’s day, but at the same time not become a necessity or an addiction. Cigarette smokers usually say, “I need a smoke”, whereas cigar smokers say, “I love a great cigar”. These two comments are a powerful indication of the exact difference between cigar and cigarette smokers.

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