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What kind of cigar accessories are provided by Cigar Conexion?

Whether you’re a seasoned cigar smoker or are just starting, you can never have enough accessories. The right accessories not only reflect sophistication but are also a statement of luxury. Ask any regular cigar smoker, and they will vouch that cigar-smoking with the right accessories can make a humongous difference in the quality of your smoke. Follow the below guide to know more about the accessories you will need when you buy cigars online:

  1. Humidors
    If you’re planning to collect cigars, you will need to keep them in a specific environment, so that they maintain their quality until you’re ready for a smoke. Without an optimum level of humidity, your cigar can either become too dry or spongey. The best way to keep your cigars in their original quality is to invest in a quality humidor, available at Cigar Conexion, the best cigar shop in India for both cigars and accessories.

  2. Lighters
    A well-lit cigar offers a luxurious experience that most people look for when smoking. However, if you don’t have the proper light, you may have to suffer through the entire smoking process. Cigar Conexion offers various types of lighters, including jet and butane, both of which provide a steady flame. When you buy cigars online, be sure to check for the lighter option that comes along with it.

  3. Ashtrays
    A room with cigars needs a high-end ashtray; it’s part of the whole process of smoking cigars. Moreover, the right ashtray allows you to rest your cigar perfectly when you decide to take a break. Since cigars aren’t meant to be puffed on constantly, giving them time to cool down results in an even burn. And to do so, you need an equally high-quality ashtray. To ensure you get the right one, only buy from Cigar Conexion, the best cigar shop in India.

  4. Travel Cases
    Cigar enthusiasts that also like to travel will need a case to hold a couple of cigars. The case should be sturdy enough while being discrete. The best travel cases should keep a day’s worth of cigars easily. In case you intend to travel for longer than a few days, you may want to invest in a travel humidor. It will allow you to carry multiple cigars without impacting their overall quality. When you buy cigars online, don’t forget to check out a few travel cases.

These are some of the accessories provided by Cigar Conexion, click here to view the entire catalogue.

RP Lighter Skyline Dal Flame Silver
RP Luxury Ashtray Circulos Amber
RP Cigar Pouch Ostrich Leather Olive
Cigar Accessories
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