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What Are The Best Cigars That Worth Time?

Cigar Conexion

The Pacifying Puff

Striving to have the perfect paradisiacal puff, the wondrous whiff and that special feeling of something substantial to hold on to? With the stores’ shut down, it is definite to miss cherishing the cigar at times. Cigar - the term that spells luxury with its rich aroma of being, the grandeur of taste and the comfort in holding. Cigar smoking is a choiced hobby. It doesn’t belong to anyone. It is an art, and you can’t venture out the connection that is not lost. If you are going through this crisis and looking out for some solutions, then Cigar Conexion has it sorted for you. They can bring the choicest varieties of the cigar to your doorstep. Curated according to customer types and preferences, Cigar Conexion brings you a smoke list worth your wallet. Now, buy cigars online with no more hustles and get luxury delivered at your home.

  • Beginner’s luck
    If you are a beginner stepping into the world of smokes and aroma, the Nat Sherman Sterling series should be the one stirring up your senses. Enfolded in a Connecticut wrapper, this Cigar makes for a fine build, easy to grip and leaves a creamy, buttery touch on your lips long after you have a shed. With filler and binder, both Dominican, this beauty can be best enjoyed with a perfect cup of coffee. Sip and whiff. A packet of 10 comes at INR 10,000. As they say luxury is worth a thousand rupees.

  • A Cheroot worth your cheque
    If any Cigar gets high on tobacco, then it’s a beautifully blended Don fidel. It won’t create a hole in your pocket. It will be as mild on the wallet as it is in taste, a curious case of rich and complex.The slight touch of pepper is transforming and exhilarating. You shell out INR 850 for such a luxurious experience, it's like paradise in your pocket. Cigar Conexion delivers you that while you are in your personal online cigar lounge.

  • Just got Royal
    Like its name, Rocky Patel Royale Robusto, a beauty in the box is milder than many. Let’s face it, sometimes we want things light, and we save them for the best. This Nicaraguan native is the thing you save and cherish. The enriching taste gives a feeling of royalty. Save it for your special day. Cigar Conexion has it for you in the bounty. Buy a premium handmade cigar for INR 2000.

  • Spice it Up
    Want the aroma to leave a lasting spice on your lips? Tarry no more. Click Cigar Conexion to order your Tatuaje – grassy, earthly, chilly mocha – all in one for INR 1100. This chilly is for those who believe in spicing up ordinary life.

    Don’t sever your connection with Cigar.

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