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Vedado Cigars To Knock Your Senses Off The Ballpark in joy

A good cigar is almost like a session of excellent therapy. Vedado Cigars take Nicaraguan range of handmade cigars to greater heights. You can distract stirring minds, ease up your senses and transport yourself virtually to another place with an excellent Nicaraguan stick. Vedado Classic Cigars can be an everyday affair to relax and untangle from a winding day. These medium-bodied cigars with a good burn and great ash mostly begin on a sweet note.

Unwind with Vedado Classics

Have your pick from Vedado Classic Corona, Robusto or Gordito, where irrespective of the various wrappers they use; the filler leaves are carefully aged and fermented for a period of 18 months, in this array of cigars. While one experiences woody and creamy flavors initially, it eventually unfolds the aroma of spices and nuts softly on the palate, adding to a light and airy experience.

The Vedado Habano sets the right mood

For a slightly elevated robust effect, The Vedado Habano array of cigars could better set your mood. Vedado Habano Robusto, Toro and Double Toro are among the premium range of handmade cigars where notes of pepper are prominent in every cigar. The underlined hints of pepper and citrus with saline tips fill the room and surroundings with an air of freshness. The aroma of toasty-grass that follows emanates earthy goodness. The strength of each of these cigars is intense but not strong or challenging, which makes it an enjoyable experience.

Pack a punch with a Vedado Flat Black

If you prefer crispy earthy notes in a full-bodied cigar, the Vedado Flat Black selection would be your pick to enjoy an enhanced flavor palate. Vedado Flat Black Gordo, Malecon and Colossal even give out notes of coffee and cocoa, and the stick burns equally. Every inch of this stick tells a different story and transports you to another realm through the session.

For a comfortable smoking experience, to set the mood, and socialize with people, cigar stores and lounges are great places to hang around. But don’t let the lockdown stop you from a great smoking experience. A wide array of Vedado selection is available on Cigar Conexion’s online store at great prices. So, get your hands on one of these beauties for your humidors.

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