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Top 5 Cigars To Store During Lockdown Times

Does your cigar collection continue to become leaner in the wake of a lockdown across the nation? The more the time you spend in the comfort of your home, the more time you get to explore and enjoy your favorite cigars regularly sounds exciting during these times. There is nothing to fret about if your stock seems to die down as Cigar Conexion’s online store delivers cigars to your doorstep. You can add the new cigars and keep the collection growing almost immediately, even during the lockdown times.

Apart from your regular favorites, Cigar Conexion’s online store has more to offer for your days of experiments and recommend a stack of well-curated sticks for your humidors. To begin with, you can start from mild to medium-bodied cigars. Starting from milder flavors and then heading towards a stronger earthier aftertaste might be a good drift to follow.

If you want us to be specific, specific we would be. Scroll below to find out the best cigars that you can store during the lockdown.

Cigars you can store during lockdown

  1. Ashton Paradiso Revelation
Ashton Paradiso Revelation would be a great way to start. It’s tangy and light woody aromas, the scent of coffee, and a delicate fruity sweetness might be great to keep you company at home these days.

  1. Vedado Habano
If you seek more flavors from a real Nicaraguan cigar with increased flavor, Vedado Habano would set the mood better and elevate your sense to newer heights. With Habano wrapper being medium in strength, it is light on the palate and adds creamy sweetness to the flavor. You can draw some toasty, grassy and notes of cocoa towards the end, as well.

  1. Don Fidel El Legado
If your palate prefers authentic Nicaraguan Cigars, here’s another one for you to try if you haven’t already. Don Fidel El Legado is made with a Habano Wrapper, Habano Binder and a blend of Selected Fillers from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. And the tobacco used is carefully fermented and aged for a minimum period of 36 months to get the perfect tobacco to roll the cigars. When lit, this one has the familiar notes of pepper. The strength of this cigar is medium-full-bodied, slightly more potent than a Vedado Habano.

  1. Rocky Patel Sun Grown
When it is the end of a long Work-From-Home day, Rocky Patel Sun Grown might be a perfect smoke for maximum pleasure. This 92-rated Sun Grown brand is medium-plus in the body. With a 5-year-old Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, the hints of spice are evident. As an enthusiast, if you are looking to end the day with luxury and leisure, you can indulge in this full-bodied stick and unwind your evening away. This well-balanced blend from Honduras can make for a great personal at home.

  1. Debonaire
If you prefer an exclusive selection of tobacco with a perfect blend and curated with great attention to detail, Debonaire is your cigar for the day. Each of the full Debonaire range of cigars has history, extensive research and are ultra-premium hand-rolled cigars. Smoking the finest, darkest, air-cured tobacco from the most superior crops of Central America and the Dominican Republic is a true luxury.

So, it is that time of the year to splurge and experience the premium hand-rolled cigars to the fullest. No matter what wrapper you like and fillings you prefer, there is a stick for everyone to pick and choose from Cigar Conexion’s online store. Keep your collection growing and the pairings experiment going with the ones that you haven’t tried.
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