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Top 5 Cigars To Carry While Planning A Trip With Friends

Hit the road for pastures new with premium cigars on you!

Traveling with friends is an occasion that calls for a complete celebration. Those are the times when we relax and splurge ourselves in the spirit of vacation. With your favorite handmade cigars to go along with the company of close friends, it is the time to indulge and be at your best.
Usually, when friends get together and travel, they prefer to enjoy exclusive and expensive cigars from their personal collection. Therefore, you tend to carry top branded cigars on such occasions.

Now, aficionado or not, everybody knows that a lot of care goes into keeping your cigars intact while travelling. You wouldn’t appreciate it if your premium cigars were to dry up due to arid weather conditions and become brittle, bruise or break.

Also, it is essential to remember that cigars tend to absorb the odor from the place it is stored in. And that unwanted odor can ruin the experience of smoking a premium cigar.

Hence, investing in a Boveda pack is a mindful thing to do as it retains the humidity level required by the cigar to prevent it from drying up and avoiding the damage it could cause. Storing it all in a case could help with the odor.

This way, the aromas remain intact and you don’t have to worry about anything for the duration of travel. However, here are some cigars that you and your friends will enjoy during the trip.

  1. Vedado Classic Cigars

The range of Vedado Classic cigars is an all-time favorite for many. These medium-bodied sticks give out a citrus aroma, along with the flavor of nuts and pepper when lit up. They are mild on the palate and subtle on the nose.

The filler leaves are carefully aged and fermented for a period of 18 months in this array of cigars. This makes them an exquisite range to enjoy with close friends.

  1. Ashton Maduro 20

If it is one of those occasions that call for a rare blend with the best wrapper, this cigar is carefully aged to make your trip memorable. If smooth flavor and a captivating aroma are your choices of sticks, then Ashton Maduro 20 premium cigar makes for a pleasant evening with buddies.

  1. Indian Motorcycle Habano

When medium-bodied cigars are more your kind, you can expect a flavor palate of delicious caramel, nutmeg, brown sugar, and creamy cocoa flavors in the Indian Motorcycle Habano. 

  1. RP Vintage 1999

If there's the distance between your humidor and your destination, and you plan on protecting the cigar’s toasty, mellow and creamy flavors to enjoy with friends, then RP Vintage 1999 is the right pick for you. Finally, you can enjoy an outburst of flavors in a small stick as well.

  1. Oliva Nub

The innovative design of this cigar is an eye-turner. Nub by Oliva equates to luxury, class, and sophistication. And, while it delivers you to the sweet spot, Nub Habano by Oliva, is among the range of medium to full-bodied cigars. It offers a cool burn and rich flavor from the very first puff. This rich blend offers a complex profile with hints of cocoa, roasted nuts, a slight bready note, cinnamon, and red pepper spice.

Another thing to remember is that the short-length cigars are the best ones to travel with irrespective of the strength of the cigars that you prefer. While you manage to carry the cigar in your hand luggage, don’t forget to put the cutter and the lighter into your checked baggage.

India’s best cigars are available at Cigar Conexion’s online stores. Load and stock up today before the journey begins. Enjoying the tufts of smoke and the cigar talk with friends in a distinguished place while on travel, adds to a distinctive experience that doesn’t come often in life.
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