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Cigar smoking mistakes every beginner makes

Stepping into the world of cigars can be quite a thrill. But it can also get overwhelming as you step into a kingdom where you feel like you are expected to know the drill (especially when you start hanging out at cigar lounges). But it is completely fine not to know the basics and make some mistakes.

Nevertheless, you don't have to struggle for long as we walk you through some rookie errors that you are bound to make in your early days.

1. Not the Cellophane

The aroma of the cigar is probably what brought you to the tribe. The fragrance of the tobacco guides you through the quality and tastes of the cigar. And the catch here is the scent of the cigar, not the cellophane! You cannot smell anything through it. Beginners usually dive right into sniffing the cigar with the cellophane still on- not a good look. The right way to do it is to gently slide the foot of the cigar out of the cellophane and have a sniff.

2. Cutting right through it

Cutting the wrong amount of cigar gives away your lack of experience and also ruins the smoking experience. It is essential to cut the right amount so that you don't end up with a bad aftertaste and a poor burn.

3. Regular Lighter

The common variants usually contain chemical fluids that don't work very well with cigars. They also don't give a flame strong enough to light a cigar properly. The right tools to light a cigar are usually butane or torch lighters and matches.

4. Breathing in the smoke

Never! At no time is inhaling the smoke the way to enjoy a cigar. Since it contains heavier and stronger tobacco, the only reason you want to be inhaling it is if you want to cough your brains out. The appropriate way to experience a cigar is to puff it in your mouth, have the flavor and let it out. Taking it to the lungs will only give you an embarrassingly bad time.

5. Ashing it too often

If you have been a cigarette smoker, you might be used to knocking the ash off too often. But that is the exact opposite of what you should be doing with a cigar. Tight, solid ash at the end of the cigar is the sign of a perfectly rolled and done cigar. If you feel that the ash can no longer stand its length, just roll it gently in an ash-tray.

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