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The Story Of Cuban Cigar

As far back as history goes, Christopher Columbus, the world’s most renowned explorer, is said
to have come across tobacco along with his crew in Haiti, where the locals wrapped dried
tobacco in a larger leaf from the tobacco plant and smoked it recreationally. Columbus was
responsible for helping tobacco embark on a global journey by first introducing it in Spain and
then in the rest of Europe. In 1542, the Spanish opened the first cigar manufacturing factory on
Cuban land, and soon enough, it became a global phenomenon associated with luxury.

With almost 500 years to its name, the Cuban cigar is considered a piece of art. Formed from
locally grown tobacco plantations in and around the tiny town of Vinales, outside of Havana,
this area has become extremely famous in pop culture. Dotted with the most fertile soil for
tobacco production, these plantation farmlands are where the tobacco plant is grown, cured,
dried, and stored -- and then sent to the manufacturing facilities where they are shredded and
crafted into cigars.

The story of the cigar also dwindles into the item being a piece of art and having its own set of
etiquettes. Ever since their creation, most Cuban cigars need to be stored in optimum humid
temperatures before they can be smoked because when you smoke a Cuban cigar, it’s not just
the nicotine in the tobacco but also the cigar’s very flavor on your lips, which is smooth enough
to give your mind a flash of the lush soil it is grown in.

If you take a trip down to Havana and visit a cigar factory, you’ll be pleasantly surprised as
nostalgia wafts through your senses, and you get a picture of how cigar rolling has evolved over
the years. Traditionally, the story goes that factory workers sat on the shop floor, chatted away
to glory, and rolled cigars by hand all day. Many tobacco plantation workers and farmers toiled
their days away at the soil to ensure optimum soil to grow the tobacco plant. Today, you can
even go on a cigar tour to an automated factory where machines produce cigars.

If you’re stopping to make a purchase, beware of what you buy. The original traditional Cuban
cigar has so much hype created around it that there are many fake and non-authentic versions
of it out there. But if you are craving a true touch of history, then get in touch with us.
At Cigar Conexion, we cater to your taste buds and temptations by bringing you the world’s
best and locally sourced cigars right to your doorstep. The very look, feel, and smell of our
cigars are sure to take you right down to the cigar’s historical roots.
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