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Some Great Last Minute Cigar Gifts For This Holiday Season

A culture that almost everyone around the globe follows is the tradition of ‘Gift Giving’. From gift cards to extravagant expressions of gratitude, it has always been a symbol of joy, prosperity and of course, the holiday season! There’s no doubt that each one of us has stumbled upon a point where we’ve been confused about what the perfect gift would be - wait no more because we’ve got the solution! Cigar conexion has made it easy to craft the last minute yet ideal gift for every holiday season! Cigars are an item that dates back to the ancient Mayans in the 10th century and is known for representing celebration.

Here are a few suggestions to what an ideal CIGAR gift would be:

- Handcrafted in the Dominican Republic, Ashton Cigars represent perfection! It is well known for its perfect tobacco blend, aged and handcrafted in Dominican and imported to India by Cigar conexion for an unforgettable experience. What’s better than lounging with a couple of friends smoking Ashton Cigars by the fireplace at Christmas? Paints quite a nice picture, huh? We think so too!

- A little time travel takes us to 1964, the age of Padron Cigars - a rich blend of tobacco, aged for over three years speaks for itself as it holds the image of being a premium amongst all other cigars. Cigar conexion offers you a set of 12, 24 or 48 cigars depending on your needs! Quality always speaks for itself, and Padron Cigars hold very high regard and would be the ultimate gift for cigar aficionados.

- A whole another range of flawless cigars consists of the classic Debonaire and Don Fidel Cigars - coupling both of these would make the most appreciated gift of all time. You ask why? The perfection of Debonaire, along with the touch of Don Fidel is what makes every holiday season worth celebrating!

Vedado Cigars are one of which Cigar conexion offers a wide range in - from Vedado Habano to Classic and Flat Black; each has its own taste and specification for one to narrow down their likes. Cigar conexion also offers fresh, and new arrivals of classics and premiums to fit everyone’s needs without being too heavy on the pocket! The wide variety and extensive spread range of finest hand made cigars along with accessories are undoubtedly a go-to for all your last-minute gifting needs!

Cigar Conexion also offers specialised custom-made hampers for special days and celebrations. For any of your gifting, please connect with them to design the hamper best suited for you.
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