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Six Quintessential Cigars for Weddings

Cigars have definitely become a lifestyle and fashion statement in the weddings of today. Integrating cigars into your wedding is a great way of adding sophistication to your special day. Treat your guests to the indulgent luxury of hand-rolled tobacco and relax and have fun during your sweet celebration. We at Cigar Conexion have picked out the best cigars that will definitely elevate your game both as a cigar lover and wedding party host.
Read on and savor!
1)    Davidoff Winston Churchill: Created by Davidoff to honor the legendary British Prime Minister and cigar-lover Winston Churchill, this is one of Davidoff’s most sought-after blends. With its regal size and cosmopolitan notes of chocolate, wood and spice, it is perfect to be cherished at weddings. It’s a classic and luxurious choice, pairs extraordinarily well with whiskey and is perfect to indulge in for special events.
2)    Ashton Classic:  The crème-de-la-crème of cigars, these are unsurpassed in quality and consistency. It is an opulent Dominican blend, for seasoned cigar buffs. Your special day deserves a special smoke, and this is what the Ashton Classic is here for. These exquisite cigars hit the spot with their notes of toasted almond and coffee beans. Find these beautiful cigars on the Cigar Conexion website:
3)    Romeo Y Julieta: Cuba’s largest cigar brand, the Romeo Y Julieta is a medium body, palatable cigar, which can be appreciated by cigar aficionados and non-smokers alike. Deriving their name from the archetypical love story Romeo and Juliet, these cigars are perfect for the wedding season where we celebrate love. Ignite the sparks of your love along with this cigar and smoke some of the finest tobacco with scrupulous attention to detail.
4)    Plasencia Reserva Original: Sweet and smoky with a hint of spice, these cigars are remarkably mellow and thus can be cherished by anyone and everyone at the wedding party. This fully organic cigar features notes of fruits, nuts and caramel making it an absolute crowd-pleaser.
5)    Macanudo Cafe: A clement yet delectable smoking experience, this cigar experience too is ideal for everyone. Handcrafted in the Dominican Republic, these flavorful cigars will be the best cigars in wedding occasions. They are unmatched in consistency and also make for the perfect wedding gifts. A marvellous way to welcome budding smokers to the family, these cigars can be easily passed around at the wedding so that everyone enjoys the premium creamy and smooth blend.
6)    Juliany Cigars: Crisp and flavorful, these make for the best wedding gift and for good reason as you get the perfect value for your money. Buying these cigars is something that you would not regret as these long, filler hand-rolled cigars are made from the finest raw ingredients. Juliany can also be savored by anyone, be it a reputable cigar buff or a complete novice. You do not have to know about the nuances of smoking cigars to enjoy its exotic taste!
Accept it or not, cigars and weddings go hand in hand! We hope you now know the best cigars in wedding category to buy for your loved ones during the wedding season!
With our extensive collection of cigars at CigarConexion, be sure to cherish the best cigars on your special day to make it even more memorable. Choose your favorites from the range of cigars that we offer at and be rest assured to have the wedding party of a lifetime.
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