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Rediscovering The World-Famous Oliva Cigars

As per’s The Essential Oliva Cigars Tasting Guide, “It took three generations and two government revolutions to make Oliva Cigars.” Tracing its roots back to the 1880s, Oliva Cigars is one of the top cigar brands of today. It epitomizes luxury and quality beyond conventional cigar-smoking.

So, what gives Oliva Cigars their unparalleled stature? A lot has to do with perfection at a granular level. They contain rich tobacco grown in the fertile regions of Nicaragua, and have a firm wrapping that resonates with its smooth taste. Cigars from Oliva Cigars are what dreams are made of.

Oliva Cigars hint at the exquisiteness of true-blue Cuban cigars, as their distinct attributes lure you into elegance and luxury. At the same time, their full-bodied richness and diversity provide a unique taste. At first, you sense wafts subtle notes of black pepper, followed by soft cedar and finally by dark chocolate with a hint of spice.

Following tradition, Oliva Cigars take root in the traditional Cuban tobacco planting techniques which rely on nature’s goodness - ample sunlight, fertile land, and the perfect climate. The richness of these cigars stands as a testament to this hard work and perfection.

Oliva Cigars are an excellent choice for cigar aficionados that look forward to ending their day on a relaxing note as their luxurious flavour with a medium-bodied strength stays on till the end. Easy to light, pooled by rich tones and thick-creamy smoke, these cigars are fit for royalty.

This top cigar brand packs love into each of its exquisitely crafted cigars. Moreover, these premium cigars offer a consistently scintillating experience at an affordable price. A box of Oliva Ultra Premium Cigars costs around 35,000 INR while a single cigar costs up 2000 INR.

Oliva Cigars has the best to offer to cigar enthusiasts. Luckily, you can buy these premium cigars at Cigar Conexion at a simple click of a button. All you have to do is breathe in and let the Nicaraguan tobacco take your mind to a place of relaxation.
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