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How to self-isolate for cigar smokers?

When Clint Eastwood sported a cigar in his iconic movie The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, he set the cigar standard from what is anonymous to enigma and power. Today, you can find a variety of enthusiasts, scouring for options in cigar shops that will resonate with their panache.

With the current lockdown, socializing has come to a halt, and so is smoking with friends in a cigar lounge. However, this does not mean that aficionados cannot enjoy their cigar in peace. During such times, self-isolation for cigar smokers seems like a good way to go.

So, how can cigar smokers self-isolate?

  • Stock up!
    The first thing to do is to stock up your cigar collection. You can buy cigars online from Cigar Conexion without any hassle. Serious folks might have already amped up their collection, but those who are on a more casual alignment can pay heed to this advice and make the most of their isolation period.

  • Virtual happy hours
    Though the distance is mandatory, it should not dictate how and when you can have fun with friends. Set up a video call with your friends and spend an evening in a great company with your favourite cigar and complementing drink to go along with it. To add the experience, you can also log into offering virtual happy hours complete with interesting content and updates where you can connect with your friends and fellow cigar enthusiasts and create a virtual cigar lounge.

  • What’s your dream?
    Perfection is exquisite and all cigar enthusiasts will agree that a great drink blended with the right cigar is absolutely perfect. Most prefer the smooth taste of scotch, while many display an inclination for whiskey that goes wonderfully with their cigar. If you have the company of these fine elements, smoking cigars in isolation will never be a lonely prospect. If you are looking for an assortment, Cigar Conexion can help you select different types of cigars and suggest complementing tips & tricks to heighten the experience.

  • Accessories and supplies
    What is a great cigar experience without the right cigar accessories? The only thing worse than no cigars during isolation is the missing cigar essentials that can kickstart your smoking experience. Imagine having a whole cigar but no lighters and cutters to buff it up! Never forget your accessories now as Cigar Conexion offers skyline lighters with exclusively designed ashtrays to cheer up the mood of their customers.

    So what are you waiting for? Dive into the smooth and premium experience of Cigar Conexions and say hello to good times.

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