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How to buy cigars online?

Getting a cigar is not rocket science. Owning it up is an art!

When science and art blends together, the taste becomes perfection. And one such experience is the smoking of a cigar where creating it is science and smoking it is an art! Just like wine, making a fine cigar is a whole nine-yard process and it takes the effort of a community to come together and create a masterpiece of a cigar. 

To acquire such masterpieces, is a luxury in India as it is not easily accessible to buy. All thanks to the whopping taxes we have to pay for them. On the other hand, it’s easily accessible and costs less to buy in the duty-free shops at airports outside, which also means a long wait and a travel plan to make. However, online stores like Cigar Conexion have made it convenient for connoisseurs to enhance their collection of cigars from mild, medium to full bodied cigars , of different shapes and sizes.

Cigars ooze of character and class. While it may be a perfect accompaniment to a great single malt which also has its own tasting notes, mind you, no two cigars ever taste the same just like a fine whiskey. It is mostly the master blenders’ magic, who rolls up differently grown tobacco leaves together to create a premium piece!

A cigar is a true smoking experience in comparison to an inhaling one from a cigarette otherwise. This exquisite hobby is a delicate one. If you miss the whiff, it’s gone and you would have missed the subtle hints and nuances because you didn’t pay enough attention. Remember, the cigar must be cherished slowly and it must be invigorating to determine a perfect cigar. A cigar must be enjoyed evenly for the perfect experience of tasting all that it has to offer. If it doesn’t, then it means that your cigar does not have a good construction.

Even for a good cigar, the soil in which the tobacco grows matters. The minerals and nutrients in it influence the flavour structure of the cigar. Although soils of Cuba, Dominican Republic and Nicaragua are the perfect ones for a great cigar; indulging it in India is surely more expensive than most countries. Our government does not differentiate between premium cigars and other tobacco products like a cigarette for example. That doesn’t mean cigars are illegal in India. It simply means that the aficionados of our country tend to pick their pieces during their travels around the world. But now, a great collection of cigars at affordable prices are available online. Place an order and buy from a website like Cigar Conexion who has a great online presence in India and cigar stores and lounges in Bangalore and Delhi.

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