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Holiday Destinations You Can Visit Post Covid

What’s the entire world collectively waiting for with bated breath right now? To be able to travel again! With lockdowns and curfews mandated by regulatory authorities worldwide in the wake of the pandemic, the new norm is now just dreaming about places and destinations you can visit once this situation is over.

From the concept of ‘fernweh’ to ‘saudade,’ wanderlust and deeply missing the freedom to travel and explore is now on everyone’s bucket lists. While you’re stuck indoors, the one thing you can do is make a list of the holiday destinations you can hit post the coronavirus era. Imagine a quiet personal retreat where you can kick back with a glass of fine whiskey and enjoy a cigar? So get your passport ready and buckle up as this list takes you on through some offbeat destinations that are already almost COVID-free and are waiting to accept tourists with open arms:

  1. The Deserts of Mongolia

It sounds like a magical mystery, doesn’t it? If your ideal holiday destination involves peace, quiet, and feeling one with nature, the vast expanse of Mongolia’s Gobi desert will do the trick. You can backpack through the dunes, stay in yurts and gain perspective on life - all while sipping on some great whiskey as you retire for the night.

  1. Roadtrip across Kyrgyzstan & Tajikistan’s Pamir Highway

Bordering Afghanistan’s beautiful scenery, this highway is considered one of the world’s top roads for a drive. Get caught between lush landscapes and mountains with white peaks as you interact with the friendly locals and make pit-stops at culturally rich motels and BNBs. Extremely remote, this destination will help you ensure social distancing -- quite literally.

  1. Bolivia’s Salt Flats

Another less affected place is the Salar De Uyuni, or the region of salt flats in Bolivia. Travel with a small group of like-minded travelers, rest in hotels made out of salt, and take a dip in a renowned hot spring -- to top it off, you’ll have a gorgeous view of the night sky, and hopefully, a glass of fine scotch.

  1. Explore marine wildlife in the Galapagos Islands

South America’s beautiful views also stretch out to the Galapagos Islands, located close to Ecuador. Known for its marine wildlife, this archipelago offers adventure on land and water. See some of the most interesting animals in their habitat, take underwater scuba trips and relax on the beaches.

  1. Hike through Australia’s Outback Region

Australia’s Outback desert is home to the beautiful aboriginal culture and comprises a vast unending desert land -- large enough to keep you socially distanced for days. It is dotted with some of the world’s most breathtaking hiking trails, such as the Kings Canyon. Make sure you take a camel ride during sunset with the famous Uluru rock as your backdrop.

These five must-visit destinations are sure to make you feel exhilarated once the world starts climbing out of the pandemic slumber. Satisfy your inner explorer as you sail through these destinations -- and if you’re looking at budgets and affordability, why not travel in your own country?

Domestic travel has been largely underestimated, and now’s the perfect time to start exploring parts of your country (which don’t require a passport!). Kick back, browse Cigar Conexion to add fine whiskey and cigars to your bucket list, and prep yourself for an adventure.
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