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Cigar smoking and other facts of cigars

The images of men sitting comfortably in leather couches and cherishing cigars bring three words into mind- Charm, Elegance, and Class. The entire concept of smoking cigars to enjoy and relax yourself and embody sophistication and style. At most times, cherishing a cigar is considered to be a status symbol.

Procuring original and highest quality products is essential to thoroughly enjoy the cigar smoking experience. Buying from reputed companies such as Cigar Conexion will ensure that you get only genuine stogies of renowned brands. You can take your pick from the comprehensive collection at Cigar Conexion’s cigar shop at Bangalore and Delhi. Their cigar having an equally impressive assortment of top-notch cigars.

After you have chosen the ideally suited stogies , you should find out the etiquettes of smoking these beauties. Please remember that unlike cigarettes, cigar smoking is not about getting a quick dose of nicotine in your body. It involves well-established processes, traditions, and culture.

So, let’s take a detailed look at the most important do’s and don’ts of cigar smoking:

Cutting and lighting cigars

When you are smoking in a group, you might be tempted to cut or light someone else’s cigar for them. At times, others might present you with the same offer. Ideally, a cigar should always be cut and lighted by the person smoking it in order to maximise its impact.

Hold it correctly

At times, you will see people holding a cigar between their middle and index fingers. This is clearly against the basic guidelines of cigar smoking. As per etiquettes, a cigar should always be held between your thumb and index finger.

Have plenty of time

Before you light your cigar, you should ensure that you have cleared your schedule for at least a couple of hours. Cigar smoking is a leisurely and relaxing activity that loses its charm when done in a hurry.

Give it the right ending

After you are done with your cigar, you should never attempt to defuse the last portion by stubbing it. It is best that you simply put the cigar in the ashtray and and allow it to die.

Respect the rules

Different clubhouses, lounges and other venues have their regulations and recommendations for cigar smoking. When you light a cigar , you must adhere to their guidelines and maintain the dignity of the institution.

For truly responsible and perfectly enjoyable cigar smoking experiences, you must opt for first-rate cigar brands and follow all the etiquettes listed above.

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