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Cigar Conexion join hands with Cauvery Calling Cause by Isha Foundation

Cauvery Calling is a first of its kind campaign, setting the standard for how India's rivers - the country's lifelines - can be revitalized. It will initiate the revitalization of Cauvery river and transform the lives of 84 million people.

This campaign is an initiative in supporting the farmers plant 242 crore (2.42 billion) trees. The scarcity of trees is leading to water depletion and is affecting the farming society in India.

Plant a tree and help the farmer nurture their natural habitat. Be a part of this campaign and contribute to uplift the global climate. There is a longer period of droughts in India and rivers are breaking up. It is time that we act and protect our mother nature. Not to forget the environment is our YOGA and NIYOGA space.

We, at Cigar Conexion are honoured to join hands with the Cauvery Calling initiative by Isha Foundation and do a bit in revitalizing rivers in India.

Cigar Conexion also pledges to donate a part of its online profit to Isha Foundation.

Revitalize rivers and hearten up the environment by growing trees. Take Action Now by clicking the banner below;

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