Trust the cigars from Cigar Conexion, as we are the official importers in India for Multi-branded Premium Handmade Cigars. Visit our exclusive cigar shop and lounge in Bangalore and Delhi or buy cigars online. Our cigars are stored in well maintained humidors with automated accurate hygrometers.

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Cigar Conexion - Your top choice when it comes to Cigars!

At Cigar Conexion, we started our journey not very long ago. Our mission was to present our customers with some of the world’s best cigars, handcrafted and sourced from various parts of the world.

Over a short span of time, we have come to be known as one of the top choices for cigar smokers - be it our products, experts, or ability. Curating events and keep customers happy, we are quite excited to reach the #1 position among consumers.

How did we get here? Let’s find out.

  • Strong Customer Satisfaction& Feedback

One of the tenets of our company is creating value for customers so they leave satisfied. Through our carefully curated range of products, we aim to absorb customer feedback and aim to please. We know that customers are our backbone, and we take everything they tell us seriously - whether it’s a suggestion about our store, online presence, or products, serving customers is a top priority.

The best part? Our customers recognize this about us!

  • Unique Product Range

Home to India’s most diverse and unique collection of cigars, Cigar Conexion is homage to a true gentleman. We are India’s only premium cigar company that houses multiple brands renowned the world over. From Ashton, Rocky Patel, Oliva, and Debonaire to Vedado and Vega Toro, our product range is here to make your jaw drop.

  • Friendly & Focused Servicing

Whether it’s in-store, or online, we make sure we extend a friendly hand to all your queries and requirements. Focused on delivering results, and helping our customers understand everything they need to know about cigar knowledge or purchasing, our team comprises friendly and focused professionals with avid product knowledge, here to make a mark in the cigar community.

  • Geographically Located

With a global digital presence and physical presence in Delhi & Bangalore, Cigar Conexion has the ability to cater to your cigar needs wherever in the country you may be. We give visitors (online and offline) the ability to converse with our in-house cigar experts any time of the day, and any day of the week. Our supply chain management is strong catering to over 650 cities in India.

  • Creating Experiences

One of our signature marks is creating experiences. Be it personal or private events, we help customers truly cherish and understand cigars. Our cigar experts have the ability to put together intimate events for small and large groups where they take people through the process of smoking cigars, the knowledge behind the manufacturing process, and deliver stories to create an experiential event. We have successfully organized cigar pairing events where we pair the best drams with cigars, educate on pairing, and also to choose the right cigars, and become cigar aficionados.

Cigar Wrap Up

We are thrilled to be part of a growing community of gentlemen, and hope to remain at the top. Browse our products, get in touch with our team, or leave a query. Whatever the occasion, Cigar Conexion is here for you.
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