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Best gift ideas for Cigar Aficionados!

To rephrase Sigmund Freud, “A good cigar is always a good cigar”, regardless of when or where it is cherished. Few things bring as much comfort as a box of premium cigars. A few years ago, you would associate cigars with an old Michael Corleone-esque person but more recently, cigars have come to enjoy a massive appeal with both the older and younger generations. Cigar aficionados enjoy the soothing and exultant feel they get from smoking cigars, and for them, these meditative smells can trigger some of their best memories. So if you are looking for a perfect birthday or an anniversary to present for your cigar enthusiast friend or family , here is a list of gift ideas from Cigar Conexion that will surely help enhance their cigar experience.

1) A stunning ashtray

A cigar aficionado will likely have his own signature ashtray. However, you could always try to one-up the favourite ashtray and get something customized and unconventional for a gift. An ashtray with his initials or a design that matches their home decor or even one with multiple cigars rests is bound to bring a smile on his face. It will definitely be a gift that any stogie lover will cherish for ages.
This ceramic black Ashton ashtray is something to look out for while hunting for beautiful ashtrays!

2) Cigar glassware set

There are few things that pair together as perfectly well as a cigar and a matching whiskey set. What can be better than a cigar holding whiskey glass! Along with that, a refined decanter would do just great. The glassware set is bound to enhance his smoking experience and make the whiskey feel classier than usual.

3) An awesome humidor

A humidor is an airtight, humidity-controlled storage box used to keep the cigars moist. Any cigar enthusiast will definitely know about this. A humidor is a fine investment and a stogie lover is always on the lookout for one. If he does not have one already, this is the gift to go for. It will help him keep his cigars in pristine condition. Similar to a personalized ash-tray, a touch of personalization here wouldn't hurt either. In fact, it is every cigar lover's dream to have a customized humidor!
This beautiful cedar wood tabletop humidor is bound to add elegance to your cigar lounge.

4) Portable cigar carry case

For a lot of people, smoking cigars is the perfect past-time while on a vacation. Cigar cases come in different sizes but have the same basic features. They also typically have a place to hold a lighter and a cutter. You can gift your friend such a leather case to make his cigar experience classy while travelling.
This Rocky Patel party case has space for one liquor bottle and up to 20 cigars! Be sure to check it out.

5) A quality light

It is said, good things will automatically follow. Standard lighters work fine, but where’s the fun? The answer is a customised lighter. The right flame will only enhance the smoking session. A customised ashtray to accompany will bring the heat to the smoking experience.
This cream-and-gold eye-catching and beautifully crafted Rocky Patel lighter is definitely something that any cigar lover would love to have.
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