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Benefits of Humidor: How to Select Your First Humidor?

Only cigar lovers will understand the frustration of losing the freshness and quality of their valuable cigars. Because investing in a premium cigar is not just a luxury, it is an experience. However, a cigar’s life is indefinite and highly depends on how you look after them. That’s when you need cigar humidors.

Technically a humidor is a cigar storage container that keeps your cigars at their best. It maintains proper relative humidity (RH) levels and adequate temperature to keep them fresh. Best humidors will maintain your cigar in a similar condition in which their tobacco is grown, fermented, and rolled. However, a humidor does much more than protect your cigars; it is also an expression of your choice, personality, and lifestyle.

Top 6 Benefits of Buying Cigar Humidors

  • Cigar humidors keep your cigars at the proper humidity and maintain the moisture levels.
  • Humidors improve and enhance the life of your cigars.
  • It protects your cigars from direct sunlight and harmful environment.
  • Humidors can preserve the original flavor and quality of cigars for longer.
  • Humidors pass the right amount of air in the box so that your cigars do not get moldy.
  • Cigar aficionados have numerous choices available in humidors to pick the best suited.
  • When maintained well, a humidor can become a lifelong device for your cigars.

There are typically limitless varieties of humidors you can find, ranging from affordable to expensive and luxurious. Investing in the best humidors can be a huge and costly decision, but your cigars deserve an extraordinary level of care. Here are some ways you can choose your first humidors.

How to Select Your First Cigar Humidor?

If you have newly found your love for cigars and are looking to buy your first cigar humidor, here are some ways to pick the right one:

  • Capacity: This is the most crucial factor when choosing a cigar humidor. Think about how many cigars you plan to keep or buy in the future. However, the bigger, the better is a rule of thumb when purchasing a humidor.

  • Portability: Do you carry your cigars when traveling? If so, consider buying a portable cigar humidor. They are small, compact, and lightweight humidors that you can take anywhere around.

  • Type: Best humidors come in Spanish Cedarwood that helps preserve the cigar’s humidity at its best. It also repels insects and prevents decaying. Other decent options include maple, cherry wood, oak, and mahogany.

  • Compartments: Your humidor must be able to store your cigars separately that have different flavor profiles. A large humidor typically has multiple drawers and rooms that can keep the aroma of your cigar intact.

  • Seal: To have a good seal is another important aspect of selecting a humidor. If the lid does not close tightly, the humidity will fade off, and your cigar will lose its essence. So, make sure you test the humidor before buying.

No matter what kind of cigar humidor you choose, it is vital that you get a Boveda along to maximize the efficacy of the humidor. Even if the relative humidity surpasses the required humidity level, Boveda will absorb the excess moisture and keep your cigars fresh. Get the best Boveda from CigarConexion for your humidor, and be rest assured that you will have a perfect smoke next time.
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