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Surprising Facts About Cigar Smoking

The unique charm and style of cigar smoking give it a certain degree of mystique. Smoking cigars is often associated with sophisticated manliness and unabashed stylishness. Unsurprisingly, some half-truths and unproven myths also surround the entire concept of cigar smoking. In any case, the fascinating aura and the uncompromisable etiquettes of smoking cigars make the experience urbane and cultured beyond all doubts.

It doesn’t matter whether you buy your boxes from a cigar shop in Bangalore, or from well-known sellers like Cigar Conexion- being aware of verified cigar facts is crucial. Accurate information about cigars will enable you to optimize and enhance your cigar smoking experience. You would also be better positioned to make balanced decisions, reduce risks and maximize the pleasure you derive when you smoke these bundles of relaxation.

Here are some essential cigar facts:

  1. They aren’t more harmful than cigarettes- A typical cigar stick contains more nicotine than your average cigarette. However, you mustn’t forget that a cigarette smoker tends to smoke anywhere between 20-30 cigarettes a day. Cigarettes create more harm due the involvement of paper and chemical. You would rarely find a cigar smoker opting for more than 3-4 sticks on any given day. Hence, the overall nicotine intake is more or less the same.

  2. Occasional smoking is ideal- To gain maximum stress relieving benefits of cigars, you must avoid dealing in excesses. Smoking 1-3 sticks in a week is the best way to enjoy these beauties without putting your health at risk.

  3. Most people don’t inhale cigar smoke- Unlike cigarettes which mandate inhaling, cigar-smoking involves zero inhalation. Hence, the health risks are reduced to a great extent.

  4. Cigars are less addictive than cigarettes- Yes, you read that right. Cigarettes can make you an addict quite quickly because of the ease and frequency of smoking. Cigars require more time, and the chances of getting addicted are minimized.

  5. Social bonding is integral to cigar smoking- Cherishing your favourite cigar becomes even more pleasurable when you share an unlit cigar with friends, family or colleagues. On the other hand, cigarette smoking is often a solitary activity.

  6. Celebratory cigars- It is common for people to celebrate their successes with loved ones over a box of cigars. Saving rare cigars for special occasions is a custom in many societies across the world.

  7. Relax, meditate and learn to be patient- Cigars can not only help you relax but also enable meditation and enhance patience.

All in all, the chic and classy allure of cigar smoking isn’t something that can be described aptly by words- it is something that needs to be experienced.

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