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7 Best Cigars for Beginners

If you are looking for cigars for beginners, you need to look no further. The best cigars are celebrated, not smoked. Cigar smoking is not a light thing, but an indulgence specifically designed to serve your pleasure on special occasions. So, as you begin your love affair with the cigar, here are the 6 options that can start your journey.

  1. Vega Toro: It is one of the best cigars in its price range. It is smooth in taste for a beginner to have a great time. This mild to medium cigar lets you relish spicy touches, with notes of cedar, leather and earth. A perfect way to start your cigar journey.

  1. Alfambra Classic: Another unique blend you can start with is Alfambra Classic. This mild to medium smoking piece is a great delight to have for the first time. It is one of the best blends that use Nicaraguan rolls.
  1. Vedado Classic: For cigar beginners, trying Vedado Classic is a must. It is almost everything that you look for in a cigar that includes—bold, aromatic, and wholesome as can be.

  1. Rocky Patel Vintage 1999 Connecticut: Another gem from Rocky Patel is the Rocky Patel Vintage 1999 Connecticut cigars. It would be best if you experienced this at least once in a lifetime. It has a blend of different flavors in a balanced fashion. It is a cigar par excellence.
  1. Debonaire Day Break Connecticut: As someone starting out trying cigars, the Debonaire Day Break Connecticut cigars are easily one of the best. They are backed with 20 years of research and for a good reason. It is a luxury to taste this as a starter’s course.

  1. Rocky Patel Sungrown: This brand has introduced premium hand-rolled cigars for more than 20 years. Rocky Patel Sungrown is a blend of caramel, brown sugar, nutmeg, and cocoa, amongst other things that will not disappoint you.

  1. Ashton Cabinet No. 6 Robusto: For cigar beginners, trying Ashton Cabinet No. 6 Robusto is a must. It is almost everything that you wish for—creamy, aromatic, and wholesome as can be.
There are many more premium cigar brands that you can try and develop your passion for cigars. You will eventually fall in love with a specific type of aroma and taste and that would be your kind of cigar. However, make sure you never knock it before you try it!

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