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5 Quick Tips on Cigars

  • Cigar smoking is an art that is acquired over time.  To master the art of smoking a cigar is through experience. Even if you’re far from being an enthusiast, it’s our sense to help you get up to speed. Read on to find out the ultimate 5 tips you need to become an enthusiast.

  • Speed Doesn’t Count

  • It’s a cigar, not a competition. Cigar smoking is an art and is something that should be done slowly. Smoking needs to be savoured rather than puffed hard and at quick intensity. Rushing on a cigar could end up ruining the taste and give your mouth a burn you don’t need. If smoking at the right pace, cigars can also last for a long time.

  • Yes, Nicotine can make you sick

  • The whiff one gets from a cigar can be very strong - and to a new cigar smoker, it may even prove to be lethal. If you aren’t used to the strong smell emitted from a cigar, chances are the whiff could provide a dizzy feeling, making you sick from the high amounts of nicotine. If you feel it, don’t force yourself to smoke more.

  • Smoking Publicly? Make Sure it’s acceptable

  • While cherishing a cigar, others around you may not enjoy it. Just like cigarette smoking, cigar smoking has a certain etiquette attached to it, Not just for the smoker, but for people around them. A cigar emits stronger fumes and it can be quite difficult for people around the smoker to inhale or breathe, especially if they’re not used to it. Smoke only in designated areas - be it in public places like lounges, in an alfresco area, or even in the comfort of your home. At home as well, don’t smoke if it makes other members in your house uncomfortable.

  • Keep a Sidekick

  • Most cigar aficionados generally keep a beverage handy when smoking a cigar. Be it a good whiskey, coffee, or plain water. The beverage helps in savoring the cigar a little better. A lot of people love pairing their cigars with single malts and cognac as it provides a great pairing.

  • Cigar Breath is a Real Thing

  • People who smoke cigars (not necessarily incessantly) end up having a strong case of cigar breath. While the breath may not be an issue to you, it could be a problem for people around you. If you don’t want to keep smelling like an old ashtray, you need a ‘freshening’ plan. But beware, since cigars are a lot stronger than cigarettes, basic mouth fresheners won’t do the trick. Most cigar smokers keep tongue scrapers and strong breath fresheners handy. A little research will allow you to know what’s available near you. Many cigar smokers tend to also take a shower after smoking, to take the strong whiff from themselves.

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