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5 Best Cigars and the Whiskies You Should Match Them With

Nothing partners better with cigars than a glass of whiskey. The merger of the perfect cigar and the smoky rejuvenation of whiskey is ideal for a night alone. It is crucial, however, to know which sort of whiskey is best suited with cigars. For those of you who are unsure of which whiskey pairs with cigars perfectly, this blog is for you.
There are plenty of varieties of whiskies that are available out there. So many that a person can get tired of finding one that pairs well with cigars. That is why we have curetted a list of the ones with universality of pairing with cigars. While we are still on the subject, whiskies that go along with cigars are:

1. Bourbon
Bourbon is a whiskey that universally goes along with any type of cigar. If you don’t know anything about the nature of the cigar that you have, you can opt for Bourbon without a second thought. The flavors found in a bourbon whiskey are honey, nuts, caramel, maple syrup, fruit, and charred wood. All of these flavors are compatible with any sort of cigar. Bourbon brings a much-needed sweetness to strong cigars, while milder ones can’t stand up to strong bourbons. Tennessee whiskeys are better-suited for milder cigars.

2. Irish Whiskey
Irish whiskies are smoothly blended whiskies that mean that they should be paired with mild to medium level cigars. Additionally, they would do well with fruity cigars because the combination is favourable. However, Irish whiskeys don’t need to be treated gently. Since they pair exceptionally well with coffee, you can expect them to pair with cigars with a java note (it’s a flavour equated with full-bodied cigars).

3. Canadian Whiskey
Canadian whiskies are smooth in a stereotypical fashion, so they go along with mild cigars as they don’t interrupt the fine charm of the whiskey. These unconventional pairing breaks all barriers of commonness as cigars with leather notes align with the vanillin present in the whiskey. On the other hand, spicy Canadian whiskies with excessive rye content go wonderfully with nutty-flavored cigars.

4. Japanese Whiskey and Plasencia Alma Del Fuego
The first whiskey aged in a pervasive Japanese cedar was Kamiki Intense. Initially, it is matured for about three years in ex-bourbon barrels, and after that, it is transferred to cedar kegs. It results in a floral flavored whiskey with hints of sandalwood, cedar, and green tea. It matches well with medium strengthened Nicaraguan puro.

5. Sweet Whiskey and Spicy Cigars
Cigars that pair well with sweet whiskies are spicy cigars as they leave you with an intense aftertaste. Notes of nutmeg, chili and pepper come through, and when paired with a sweet whiskey, envelopes your taste buds in delightful delectableness.
The secret to the perfect pairing lies in the balance of flavour. Cherish moments of smooth amalgamation with perfectly blended pairings of these cigars and their whiskey counterparts.

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